Thank you for your interest in our FACEBOOK AUCTIONS!  We usually host these one wednesday a month.  First things first, if you'd like to join, you should make sure to FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK,  that's where all the action happens. :) 





First up, make your way to our FACEBOOK PAGE.  The auction will be an album that will appear when the auction starts, and not before.  It will feature all the items in the auction in separate photos and you will be able to place bids by making a comment under each item's photo.

The Auction will open at 4pm on the day it is scheduled and closes the same night at 9pm. By placing a bid you acknowledge that you are responsible for following through with the payment and pick up of any won items. We go by the honour system to keep things simple!  **PLEASE** Do not bid if you do not intend to follow through.  It's not fair to others.

* WINNERS MUST PICK UP THEIR ITEMS BY 5pm the following Tuesday at the shop. (let us know if you prefer no-contact pick up)


Minimum opening bids are listed by the Tin Barn

To place your bid, enter your price in the comments field.

Bids must be in minimum $1 dollar increments.

Please help us keep the auction bidding simple & easy to follow – bids only – if you have questions or comments feel free to send us a private message.

* PRO TIP: Make sure your comments are set to "ALL COMMENTS" and not "most relevant" so you can see everyone else's bids as they come in.

* ALSO: Make sure to take note when dimensions are provided. It’s easy to be fooled by the images and think something is much bigger or smaller than it is.


The last highest bid recorded and time-stamped at 9pm is the winner. This means if your bid is time-stamped as 9:00pm or earlier it is valid. If it is time-stamped as 9:01pm or later it will not qualify.

It is possible that two people will bid the same bid at the exact same time. If the auction is still open, there is plenty of time to up your bid. In the case that two bids are simultaneously entered at 9:00 we will take the bid that shows up last on our screen. We will indicate the winner by tagging your name in the comments field after the auction ends and sending you a private message the following morning.


DEBIT, VISA, & MASTERCARD, CASH or E-TRANSFER. You can pay when you pick up your items, or in advance with a credit card over the phone or via e-transfer to [email protected]

HST applies to all auction items.

All auction items are sold AS-IS and are FINAL SALE.

We do our best to describe the item as accurately as possible, and will indicate whether and where an item has any flaws, damages or repairs. As many of our auction items are used, vintage or antique most will show signs of previously enjoyed use and we often think this adds to its charm


Our address is 73 Little Bridge St, right beside Baker Bob’s in downtown Almonte.
No-contact pick up will also be available upon request. Just let us know if that is your preference and we will send you all the details when it's ready for pick up!

By participating in the auction you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to adhere to the above terms and conditions of Tin Barn Facebook auction. Good luck & have FUN!


* If you don't live nearby, we are always happy to ship your won items via Canada Post. Once your winnings are totaled and boxed up we can send you a quote which can be paid at the same time. Shipping is based on weight and your location...we won't know this until everything is boxed up and we have received your address. Please only bid if you agree to the shipping expenses without knowing the actual total. Generally items in the auction are small enough that they can ship for under $20, often less...and we always try to pack as much as we can into a box to make it most affordable for you. :)