HUG-O-GRAM - Small Batch Soap 2 Pack

Article number: HG-SP-2


We will wrap this up for you and send it to someone you would love to hug right now with a handwritten personal message from you. 

Choice: 2 of 4 scents.  Scroll below for details.

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In the CONFIRMATION section, there will be a comments field - please include:

  1. Your chosen scents.
  2. Your name (who it’s from, ie: Mom, Sarah, Secret Admirer…)
  3. Your personal message.

WOODLOT SOAP: 4oz bar. Each bar is made in small batches, traditionally cured for 6 weeks. A nourishing blend of olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil, with coconut and shea butters make for a rich lather, lush moisture, and pure cleansing.

  1. AMOUR: Nourishing + detoxifying. Gentle white clay and Himalayan pink salt, with scents of floral palmarosa, fragrant rose damask, and spicy black pepper oil. Full ingredients.
  2. CINDER: Detoxifying. Bentonite clay, remineralizing french grey salt, and grounding vetiver. Full ingredients.
  3. FLORA: Cleanse + purify. Relaxing lavender, refreshing bergamot, grounding cedarwood, and citrusy sweet orange. Full ingredients.
  4. RECHARGE: Antidote to stress and fatigue. Soothing aromas of rosemary + peppermint. Full ingredients.





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